11 Canva templates for Beautiful Gift Guide Pins

I am a geek for apps and tools. I’ve told you that before. If something’s going to make my life easier and help me produce quality content, at no cost, then I’m all up for that. Just three years ago I was a Photoshop girl, nowadays, whenever I need something done fast and easy I jump to Canva.

This web-based image editor has changed my life. I now use it for everything from pin creation to making YouTube covers, business cards, Facebook covers and even editable graphics for my marketing clients. There are so many benefits. I have a client who goes in there every Sunday to edit the weekly menu I designed for him in Canva. And he loves how easy it is to do it, without being bothered with layers, .psd files and highly performant PCs. He’s doing it all from his smartphone.

11 Canva Templates for Beautiful Gift Guide Pins

In this Q4 I have been experimenting with adding new income streams to my business, so I decided to get started with affiliate marketing for myself. During my awesome gift guide research, I realized what a pain it can be to create long-form, content rich content that is both appealing and engaging. So, I decided to throw in a helping hand by creating a bunch of cutesy, artsy templates to help you promote holiday gift guides on Pinterest.

11 Gift Guide Pinterest Templates for Canva

Included in the templates

  • 11 standard sized Pinterest gift guides (735x1102px)

  • 11 mockups with various holiday-themed backgrounds

  • 11 headlines & titles suggesting various gift guide ideas

11 Gift Guide Canva Templates for Pinterest - www.monicabadiu.com

How to use the templates

When you have to brainstorm hundreds of pieces of content per month it gets difficult to keep track of everything and to create valuable content, specific to your audience and marketing campaigns.

  1. Save a copy of the templates to your own Canva account

    To do that you need to click the copy button.

  2. Head over to your Canva dashboard

    A copy of the templates have been saved with the name “Copy of 11 Gift Guide Templates for Pinterest”.

  3. Close the initial template page and start editing in your copy

    The original link takes you directly to my master template, close that tab and start editing in your document, “Copy of 11 Gift Guide Templates for Pinterest”.

There’s more information on creating pin designs with Canva on this page. I’m showing you in a step-by-step tutorial how easy it is to make your pins with Canva’s templates. The same steps apply in editing the 11 Canva Templates for Beautiful Gift Guide Pins. If you have questions about using the templates, contact me here or reach out to Canva for app information.

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