Daily Morning Affirmations to Build Confidence (One Week Worth)

The way we talk to ourselves when, and where, nobody else can hear is a surefire tell-tale into our self image, beliefs, and perceptions of our abilities, and potential. In fact, if you often catch yourself thinking “I am not good enough”, “I can’t do this”, “This is difficult” and so on, chances are you’re having a hard time finding motivation, and building your confidence.

There are many different ways to shift your negative self talk into positive self talk, but one of the simplest, most popular is through using affirmations.

If you’ve never tried this practice before, it can feel a bit awkward starting with affirmations such as “I am good enough”. However, shed the awkwardness and embrace the concept, because it is a powerful one indeed.

The practice of affirmative self-talk or affirmations is based on the self-affirmation theory developed by Claude Steel in the late 1980s. This psychological theory looks at how individuals adapt to information or experiences that are threatening to their self-concept (or image). Studies have shown that “self-affirmation can help individuals cope with threat or stress and that it might be beneficial for improving academic performance, health, and reducing defensiveness”.

Fact is we do have internal conversations, when we do tell ourselves all kinds of things. Most often than not, we tell ourselves negative things that come to validate existent false beliefs, which in return take away our motivation and joy of life.

One week worth of daily morning affirmations to help you with building self confidence, a vision for success, and gratitude towards your progress.

Before entrepreneurship brought up various mindset limitations in my awareness, I knew of affirmations, but haven’t really applied any to myself. With entrepreneurship triggering my self confidence and self esteem issues, I realized I need to pay a lot more attention to the words and the talks I’m having with myself.

Affirmations helped me start a new habit of stopping my negative self talk, and building my confidence.

Try them for a week, and let me know how it worked out for you. By the way, you are welcomed to personalize these affirmations to better serve your purpose. To make the most of this mindset exercise, repeat the affirmations several times during the day. You can do it in the mirror, or record yourself the first time and replay the track throughout the day.

However, the most effective way is actually writing them down. Pay attention to the hand writing though, the prettier it is, the more it signals your brain to record it as an important bit of information. By writing down your affirmations, you are also helping your brain memorize the information.

I enjoy doing this exercise in the morning for two reasons: my mind is still calm, and the affirmations help me set myself for a positive, and focused day.

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