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I am sure many of you already know what an email signature is. Some of you (hopefully most of you) are already using email signatures to convey your contact information and role within the company. But there are some businesses taking email signatures to a new level, and I am sure you have interacted with some of them before. You might have even asked “How do I make myself a professional email signature without writing HTML code or paying big bucks?

I asked myself the same question. And until last year I didn’t really care about my email signature. I was advising my clients on getting a professional, clean-looking email signature for their businesses, but wasn’t really committed on doing it for myself.

That steamed from two reasons:

One – there weren’t any good free options to create a professional email signature and implement it in my Gmail account

Two – my mindset wasn’t focused on visibility for my personal brand

While the second reason deserves a book, the first reason has an easy, quick, modern fix, thanks to technology. Continue reading to learn how a professional email signature helps with your visibility and how to create one for free, using a signature template generator.

Why you need a professional email signature

When I started pitching to brands for Pinterest marketing services I couldn’t go on about it like I was still a freelancer. I was upping myself from freelancer to business owner, so I needed another level of reputation and visibility. Adding a professional email signature helped me overcome mindset limitations, build my reputation and establish a new marketing channel.

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Companies all over the world are invested in building their reputation. It’s how you can make yourself stand in a market with big competition. And companies who spend a lot of time cold pitching and warming their leads through email, are (or should be) using email signatures to do so.

It goes without saying – a professional, clean looking email signature is going to make a very good first impression (of course, your message and offer should complete the picture). It shows you are invested in presenting a professional image of your brand.

If you are a new company trying to make it in a market with big competition, your potential clients might have already interacted with other companies using professional email signature. When that’s the case, they would be expecting a similar professional interaction with you too, especially if we’re talking corporate.


Professional email signatures are a great way to increase your visibility, cross-promote your social channels or entice your contacts to visit your website or even hop on your email list. If you’re using email as a main way to connect with your leads, then you could even transform it into a separate marketing channel and use your signature to:

  • Advertise products or services

  • Include links to your website, resources page, offer page or drive traffic to your latest blog post, YouTube video or podcast

  • Cross-promote social network accounts in your email and offer recipients an occasion to connect with you on other channels


This one is great for your customer support and sales departments. Create individual email signatures for your team to help them connect with leads and clients. An image and the individual’s contact information can help your employee build trust with clients.

How to create a professional email signature with a free template generator

Hubspot has a bunch of awesome free features on their website. And now they also have an easy way to create a free email signature. Their Email Signature Template Generator helps you create a beautiful email signature, customize it with your brand colors, add an image, add your website, contact information, social media accounts, and even a Call To Action button (loving that btw).

Free Tool to Create a Professional Email Signature - Read more at  #email #emaildesign #emailtemplates #visibilitystrategy #emailmarketing #marketingtips

It takes less than a minute to put it all together and in a couple of seconds you just copy-paste it from Hubspot’s free email signature template generator to your email client. They say it works with Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, or any other email provider. I used it for Gmail and while it was super easy to do it all, I didn’t have space in Gmail’s signature slot for the CTA button.

Just go to and start filling in the details for each tab to create your own email signature. When you are done, click Create Signature.

Free Tool to Create a Professional Email Signature - Read more at  #email #emaildesign #emailtemplates #visibilitystrategy #emailmarketing #marketingtips

This opens up a new window where you can copy your generated email signature (to do that click Select Signature, and right click on your mouse and copy). To copy your generated email signature from Hubspot’s page, go to your email client’s signature settings, and paste it in there.

Free Tool to Create a Professional Email Signature - Read more at  #email #emaildesign #emailtemplates #visibilitystrategy #emailmarketing #marketingtips

Free Tool to Create a Professional Email Signature - Read more at  #email #emaildesign #emailtemplates #visibilitystrategy #emailmarketing #marketingtips

That’s it. This is such a simple way to increase the visibility of your brand without paying an arm and a leg for it. If you know of another free email signature generator, please feel free to leave your recommendation in a comment below and if you’re really proud of your email signature, feel free to drop me a line.

Need help with your visibility strategy?

I have been working in digital marketing for almost a decade and more than half of that, I was in a marketing manager role. I can help you figure out new visibility opportunities for your business or personal brand, identify mindset limitations that keep you stuck and silent (and ways to fix them), as well as assessing your existent visibility channels and optimizing them to better serve your objectives. Reach out to me here to book a free visibility coaching call.

Free Tool to Create a Professional Email Signature - Read more at  #email #emaildesign #emailtemplates #visibilitystrategy #emailmarketing #marketingtips



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