8 YouTube Videos On Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Here are 8 YouTube videos that explain how to identify that ideal client (target market, target customer, target audience) to help you optimize your copy, your website, your ads, and essentially convert more.  #entrepreneurship #marketingtips #clientavatar #marketsegmentation #business #youtube #businesseducation #marketingeducation

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Identifying an ideal customer profile is an essential part of launching and promoting a product or service. However, this specific task sends entrepreneurs in total confusion. Most businesses have a general overview of whom it is they are catering to, however with so much competition around, avoiding this step can cause you to waste resources without getting that much in.

Ideal customers are essential in building your products (services), your branding, your marketing, your website, your sales convos, your funnels, your lead generation opportunities. If you don’t have a clear view of your ideal customer, you don’t need to panic. It’s something almost all entrepreneurs struggle with. At the same time, identifying your ideal customer is something that you can do, even if you don’t have a marketing degree or previous experience with this concept.

In this article you will find 8 videos to help you understand what an ideal customer is, how to identify it and how to put your findings at work in your marketing efforts.

What is an Ideal Customer?

It’s that part of the market that you really want to work with. It’s a group of people united by common things such as where they live, their age, their income, education, interests, desires and needs. Essentially your ideal customer is the person who finds your products or services to be the perfect solution for their needs or problems.

Why do I need an Ideal Customer?

The more you know about who your ideal customer is, the more effective you will be in your marketing efforts and sales conversations (or website conversions). As a business owner your job is to know with clarity what pains your products or services soothes, and for whom. As a marketing professional you need to know who your ideal customer (or target audience) is to focus all marketing, advertising and sales efforts on this particular type of customer.

Here are 8 YouTube videos that explain how to identify that ideal client (target market, target customer, target audience) to help you optimize your copy, your website, your ads, and essentially convert more.

1. How Can I Attract My Ideal Client? Content Marketing w/ Melinda Livsey Ep. 13 via thefutur

Thefutur is an online education provider for creative entrepreneurs. They have a huge collection of videos on YouTube, but here’s one that really stuck with me. It’s under the form of a coaching session (that hit the spot with me) and it goes over what client should you target for your brand, how should you craft messaging to attract clients to your business? Who are your ideal clients and how do you get them?

2. How To Identify Customer Needs And Wants via SixFigureMastermind

Marianne DeNovellis shares very specific techniques to find what your customers' needs and wants are.

3. Creating Your Customer Avatar via Miles Beckler

Knowing who you are talking to in your marketing material, emails, podcasts and videos is of the utmost importance. Speaking to one person in all of your copy creates a feeling of connection that will help you build your relationship with your audience faster and easier.

4. Hate "Ideal Client Avatar" Exercises? Do this instead. via Courtney Chaal

Making up a client avatar is hard, and for some these just don’t work. Courtney Chaal says she’s one of these persons: “I’m not a fiction writer; I’m an entrepreneur. I figure: Why make up a fake person when there are plenty of real people who fit into my target market who I can profile instead?” Click “play” to learn how Courtney gets intel on target clients without having an “ideal client avatar”.

5. How To Find Your Target Market & Build A Local Targeted Audience | MarieTV Live Call-In Show

We can’t have a resource list for digital marketing without Marie Forleo, and this episode is so good. In this video, Marie shares tips on how to find and sell to your target market, as well as about the power of building an online community, and why growing your email list is more important than your social media following.

6. Marketing: Segmentation - Targeting - Positioning via tutor2u

This is a short and sweet, really on point presentation on the STP model of marketing. It explains how businesses can use tactics such as market segmentation, targeting and positioning to grow their revenues and boost their impact in their desired markets.

7. "How Can I Help You?"- Understanding Target Audience Barriers: Nancy Lee at TEDxMontlakeCut

Nancy Lee shares two stories illustrating how easy it is to find out what you can do to help your target audience change a behavior. You simply ask them "How Can I Help You?"

8.How to Use Market Segmentation: Developing a Target Market via Alanis Business Academy

This is another on-point video explaining how to identify your target market by using various segmentation or filters such as demographic (gender, income, ethnicity, education), geographic (location, region) or psychographic (interests, lifestyles, attitudes).

Books to Learn more about identifying your ideal customer

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