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June was all about discovering the many, and beautiful ways that I am both a powerful creator and insanely abundant. And the more I looked for signs within myself, the more I discovered how powerful we ALL are when it comes to creating our realities, our thoughts, our opportunities. We are abundant by default. And this belief that we are all powerful creators and abundant has helped me increase my own self confidence.

Entrepreneur Journal Episode #15: June's lessons about abundance & confidence for an entrepreneur via #visibility #coach #marketingtips #womeninbusiness #mindsetforsuccess

Confidence is a process.

This year I have made it a focus to build my confidence. I had initially expected this to be something I could achieve overnight but June has taught me that confidence is a process, it’s something that we build over time, and every little thing is important in how confident we feel.

We do something that grows or dents our self confidence every single day, oftentimes without really being aware of what we actually create. So the challenge has become to learn how to use my powerful creation skills to boost my confidence, how to be aware of the things and thoughts that have an impact on my progress.

Luckily there were many opportunities that reminded me how powerful we really are in making our lives easier or harder on ourselves. Each of them has played an important role in building my self confidence and I am sharing these lessons with you in the hope that it will inspire you too to take a closer look at your confidence building process:

  • Earlier this month I became aware of a damaging habit: I throw myself in work, I go full speed ahead, trying to accomplish as much as is possible within a short period of time, while at the same time thinking about what I should be doing next. In conclusion, I would end up exhausted, almost burnout, and dissatisfied with my process. It felt like it was all work, and no play, all work, and no results. Two things helped:

    • having this revelation while caring for my lavender field and realizing I wasn’t enjoying it at all, something pretty weird for myself, since I love gardening and I usually feel amazing around this plant.

    • the great interview with Mijke Vlasveld about nature coaching and mindfulness which I put into practice during a weekend holiday to the seaside. While swimming I once again realized I was chasing the end result and not having fun during the process. Taking Mijke’s advice I allowed myself to feel the water, the wind, and immerse myself into a mindfulness meditation in the middle of the waves. I ended up swimming with a lot more ease, and with a big smile on my face. I shared it all in my IG TV video here.

  • I ran my first challenge and it felt so good to see participants take action and become aware of their accountability and goal-setting process. It was also a learning experience that helped me understand first hand HOW to run a challenge and how to plan it. As a result, I am launching my second challenge, this time centered around increasing your online visibility in just 5 days. Details are here.

  • I got my Life Coach Certification after making a commitment to myself to do whatever it takes to boost my coaching skills. I learned new things, validated some techniques I was intuitively already practicing, and at the end of the experience I found my self confidence up and about.

  • I joined my friend Alisa Barcan for her group coaching program centered around abundance and realized that abundance is not just money. We are all abundant at all times and it’s something that stems from our relationship, our health, our gratitude, our skills, our experiences and even our power to create what we think and what in life. This experience has boosted my self confidence in ways I would have never imagined before.

  • I worked with coaches before, but now for the first time I invested in working long term with a business coach. And the experience helped me become clearer on who I am, what I can offer, and to whom. It has also released me from my need to help everyone at the same time.

  • Last month I launched my first coloring pages with affirmations. In the meantime I launched an Etsy shop, got my first sale, and I am getting ready to launch a coloring book on Amazon. This experience really helped me integrate this belief that we CAN create anything we want when we decide to.

  • I was offered an amazing job, Sales Coach for a big corporation, an opportunity that took me by surprise and again, helped me boost my confidence.

  • Finally, the most important confidence lesson of it all was accepting that I do nothing to celebrate my wins and that does take a toll on my self confidence. So I am actively trying to shift that, to shift my standards, to change my perception of what’s good enough.

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